#DifferentIsBeautiful Phone Collab

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Why Rock Your Phone and Happy Soul Project?

Happy Soul Project's main message is "Different is Beautiful" & if you've been following along the Rock Your Phone journey you will know that each one of our agate stone phone accessories are unique. No two are alike. We celebrate difference and we name each accessory with it's own name. This collection has a special line of names that we are calling "Pip Approved". If you are a follower of Happy Soul Project you will laugh and recognize some of the names as a play on a variety of things that Tara and Pip have shared over the years. Even better and exclusive to this collection is the grips for this line are all coloured to match the Happy Soul Project logo colours. For example, if you buy a pink stone the grip that attaches to your phone will also be pink.

This curated collection is beautiful, it's unique and the best part? The proceeds from this collection are going back to Happy Soul Project to help them continue to change the world!

 Each Rock purchased helps fund Projects like

Kick-It-Capes & the upcoming #differentisbeautiful Toolkit 

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