2017 #differentisbeautiful Calendar


This calendar is a wee bit different then our past two: 

1 - Due to circumstances, this year's calendar will just feature my sweet Pip.

2 - This year it can not only be used as a calendar, but as a teaching tool - Each month will feature fun, interesting facts about Down syndrome. 

3 - Talking in front of kids & classrooms is nerve-wracking. There is so many parents out there, that would love to go into their child's class or school to give a small presentation about Down syndrome, but don't know what to say or how to do it. This calendar is for you. It shows you exactly what I say & do when I go into schools to spread awareness about Down syndrome & our #differentisbeautiful message

If ordering in bulk of 25+ Calendars or involved with a school more please contact me at for a discounted price.

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