About Us

Hiya Friends,

Truly so very happy you found us & that you are sharing in our journey...

Happy Soul Project started when my daughter Pip was born and diagnosed with Down syndrome, Congenital Cataracts, Type-One-Diabetes, Celiac Disease, holes in her heart & so much more. 

It was my way of sharing with others what our life was like. While initially gutted by what I thought fate had handed the life of my daughter and my little family - I've come to realize how outrageously lucky we are. I've come to realize how brilliant life is when you look outside the lines. And I've come to realize that differences are what make you beautiful and that they should be celebrated.


Happy Soul Project is about striving to be grateful no matter what happens in life. It’s about accepting the life fate gave you, seeing the beauty in the challenges and the hope in the hardships. It’s about finding joy unexpectedly, becoming a kinder person & continuing to always have an open mind.

Happy Soul Project is about breaking down stigmas, changing perspectives and celebrating differences.

Happy Soul Project is about believing in all abilities, supporting each other and helping spread hope & happiness.

Happy Soul Project is about changing a bit of the world. 

Happy Soul Project is all about inspiring others to look at life a wee bit differently, believing in all abilities and celebrating the beauty in the uniqueness of all people.

We do this by running two Projects:

  • Our #DifferentIsBeautiful Toolkit - A tool that teaches the importance of inclusion, how to talk about disabilities, the power of representation & the beauty in differences. 
  • Our Kick-It-Capes Project helps us send kids fighting cancer, serious illnesses or having a hard time accepting a vast difference or their siblings a boost of strength and love.

So, whether you give towards our Projects.

Or shop & share our swag.

Why ever you're here, thank you. 

For supporting us, loving us, encouraging us and believing in what we are doing...

It means the world...