So very happy you found us...Here at Happy Soul Project we are all about inspiring others to look at life a wee bit differently, believing in all abilities and celebrating the beauty in the uniqueness of all people...Not only can you help us spread this message by purchasing some of our sweet swag, but you are helping people through these amazing projects and that's gotta make ya feel good...Real good, or so it should. 

  • Our "Painting Outside The Lines" Collection features artists with special needs making beautiful art pieces with uplifting & inspiring messages.
  • Our Awesome Eh Acts are random acts of kindness in which we want to leave people with nothing left to say but "Awesome Eh?"
  • And our Kick-It-Capes helps us send kids fighting cancer, serious illnesses or having a hard time accepting a vast difference or their siblings a boost of strength and love.

So have a look around, check out our amazing products, share the love and be a part of changing the world with us just a wee bit...