Kick-It-Capes #InspiredByMaiysn

Inspired by one little boy & one little cape, that has now reached thousands upon thousands of kids across the globe. 

From that one cape an entire project called Kick-It-Capes began to soar.

They’ve hung on IV poles as kids have gotten chemo treatment, they’ve awaited others receiving a devastating diagnosis. They’ve even, unfortunately, way too many times, laid as a symbol of bravery upon caskets.

From volunteer cape makers, highschool class projects, to communities that have held sewing bees, this Project is sadly never-ending as there are always children in need of one.

Happy Soul Project also has numerous hospitals in Canada & the United Kingdom receiving Preemie Kick-It-Capes to outfit their NICU wards.

Kick-It-Capes are more than two pieces of fabric with a superhero logo. They symbolize a child’s bravery, they recognize the courage and strength of not only the child, but the whole family, and they show that friends, family, the community, and complete strangers are rooting for them.

To nominate a child please visit our Kick-It-Capes Facebook Page.

And to donate towards this Project or help with shipping costs. 


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